Thursday, July 21, 2011

Russell is Right, the Orioles are Wrong

Some of you might remember my little diatribe on Tuesday about how my all-time Orioles roster count was incorrect. Well, turns out, it WAS right before I relied on the O's and screwed everything up, so now I have to go back and re-update everything I had changed.

At one point last season, fellow O's autograph collector Russell and I confirmed that our count was correct, while the O's was off by two. For whatever reason I ignored/neglected that conversation and changed everything before talking to Russell again. And I'm paying for it now.

So to clarify from Tuesday's post, Mitch Atkins goes back to being Orioles #900. Matt Angle is 901 and Mark Worrell becomes 902. And 902 is the confirmed number of players who have worn the O's uniform.

In other Mark Worrell related news, his second outing with the O's was significantly more successful than the first and he brought his ERA down from Infinity to 27.00.

Oh, and I got his autograph, so I can put Mark on my have list now.

Funny story about that smear. It was a dry hot day and I handed Mark a perfectly functioning sharpie, but somehow Mark had accidentally got a piece of wet grass on the middle of the card and it smeared the heck out of the middle of his signature. You can see that it begins and ends well enough, but the middle is all jacked up. But I'd rather have a crappy signature than none at all and I'll try to upgrade it soon.

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Craig said...

Even before reading your post, I was going to say - it looked as if the sharpie got wet in the middle of the signature.

Also, as an aside, does anyone go to any Southern MD Blue Crabs games? I have some free ticket vouchers for $13 Box Seats that I'd be willing to part with for a very discounted deal.