Friday, July 8, 2011

Unpossible Autograph Friday- Dick Williams

Hall of Famer Dick Williams passed away yesterday from a brain aneurysm, he was 82. His death continues the depressing streak of former Orioles' passing away; Dick is the third former O to die this month, joining Jim Northrup and Ted Gray on the other side.

While Dick was elected to the Hall for his 21 season managerial career during which he became the only manager to take three different teams to the World Series (winning two as the skipper of the A's), he also played in the Majors for thirteen seasons before he took to managing. He spent parts of five seasons as a member of the O's in the late fifties and early sixties.

Dick was one of the guests at an Orioles Alumni Signing back in the summer of 2009 and easily one of the most entertaining guys who have ever been lined up to appear. You can't see it because the Orioles handlers kept reminding him to keep it hidden, but Dick was drinking a Heineken Light during the signing. He sure seemed to have a "devil may care" attitude and was going to do his own thing. At the time, I had just been to the Hall of Fame and mentioned to Dick that I saw his plaque and that it looked good. Dick said something like "I thought so too", and seemed to be geniuinely happy to have been inducted. This was probably the most interaction I've had with a former Oriole who has since passed away.

RIP Dick.

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Craig said...

I also had nothing but great experiences in my encounters with Dick. A true gentleman.