Thursday, July 14, 2011

Worst Contest Ever

So I started a contest to win this Adam Jones bobblehead on Saturday and all of 8 people have entered. Many that entered have earned multiple entries, but that's still a pretty dismal turnout compared to my past contests.

I know that not everyone likes bobbleheads, Adam Jones and/or the Orioles, but people like to win things, so I'm surprised at the lack of interest on this one. You can enter through tomorrow, so get in while you still have a shot. Or don't. I'm sure that the 8 people already entered prefer their current chances! Either way, this bobble is hitting the mail on Monday.

Thinking about worst ever got me to think about some Orioles worsts. Since I looked into the Orioles with the most homers and highest slugging percentage ahead of the HR Derby on Monday, I figured that I would follow that up with some guys who fall at the opposite end of the spectrum.

For whatever reason, I chose to look up the pitchers with the worst ERA while wearing an Orioles uniform.

Dizzy Trout, who weighs in with a 81.00 ERA, is statistically the worst Orioles pitcher in the team history. However in all fairness, he was trying to make a comeback at the age of 42 after four seasons out of baseball. He earned that extraordinarily high ERA by giving up three earned runs and retiring only batter in two games during the 1957 season.

Earlier in his career, Dizzy had been a two-time All-Star and received MVP votes for four seasons, so that silly ERA is skewed by the small sample size, and his comeback attempt.

So I decided to figure out the Orioles pitcher with the worst ERA who had appeared in at least ten games.

Step on up, Bob McCrory! 

Bob pitched in fifteen games (13.2 innings) for the O's over the 2008-09 seasons and has the tidy ERA of 16.46. He kicked around the Birds farm system for seven seasons through 2010 and is now playing in Japan. That's no way to lower that ERA Bob!

And to wrap things up, guess who has the worst Orioles ERA and has pitched in at least 100 games?

Yep, Daniel Cabrera; who pitched in 147 games for the O's and has a 5.05 ERA.


BA Benny said...

Interesting stats. A shame that Dizzy Trout had to go out like that after what was a pretty good career.
The Cabrera is a pretty cool looking card, I may have to look for some Mets and Yanks from that set.

Greg Zakwin said...


What contest?

Dizzy Trout has an awesome signature.

Roberto Baly said...

I'm in. What a cool bobblehead! :)

Ryan said...

I already have that bobblehead, so I don't need an entry but for the love of God, Please let that be the last time Daniel Cabrera is shown on this blog!

Craig said...

Haha Ryan.

And yea, I'm with Greg - Dizzy has a great looking signature!

dawgbones said...

Sorry Greg, I found out...
Funny how much the Cabrera sig starts out looking like Dizzy, if you don't look close enough to see the 35!!

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Dizzy does have an awesome autograph, good call guys.

Ryan- I try to avoid D-Cab but he shows up frequently when I cover Orioles worsts. He dominates those categories.

DB- I missed that connection but can definitely see it now that you mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

Not the worst ever...I've had contests with no entrants. LOL

Matthew said...

I've already got doubles of that sweet bobble head, so I was intentionally not posting to avoid being entered. I'm still reading every day though! Keep up the good work, man.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

TWJ- You got me, this one's actually filling up nicely now.

Matthew- Always feel free to comment! It lets me know that someone is out there, reading my drivel.

Ryan Denton said...

Count me in for the contest, that bobblehead is sweet!