Friday, September 30, 2011

One More Contest Reminder & Additional Info Needed from Some Entrants

One last reminder that I need all entries in my MLB postseason bracket contest by 5:07 PM today. Quite a few of you are already locked in but a few of you aren't following my blog yet, so you will need to do that to lock in your entry. It looks like Reds Card Collector, Kyle4KC, Sharon, SportsCardBlog, Card Anathema, arpsmith, & Trey J. all need to follow to have a chance to win.

Contest Rules are here.
Please leave your picks in the comments of this post.

Good luck everyone!


Anonymous said...

I should be following under my actual name (Matthew) and not my blog name (Card Anathema).

Sharon said...

What do I need to do to "follow" you? I subscribe to your RSS feed.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

CA- Got it, thanks.

Sharon- There is a followers tab on the left hand sidebar about halfway down. But since you subscribe to the RSS feed, that's plenty for me! Thank you!

Sharon said...

Awesome. Thanks!