Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oriole # 910- Pedro Florimon


Pedro appropriately made his Orioles (and MLB) debut on September 10. I say appropriately because he is Oriole #910 debuted on 9/10; I know it's a silly coincidence but I thought it was worth mentioning, as it's something that's not too likely to happen again anytime soon. 

I profiled Pedro once before, way back in February 2010, when the O's added him to their 40 man roster to protect him from the Rule V draft. Check out that link to see what I thought about Pedro back then; I was surprisingly correct that Pedro would make his Orioles debut in 2011, but wrong about most of my other points.

As I mentioned in yesterday's Kyle Hudson debut post, he and Pedro are really the only two traditional September call-ups that the O's recalled from the minors this year. PedFlo has played in four games since getting the call and is 1-8 with a double, 2 RBI, a walk, and 6 K's.

Since I consider Pedro's 2010 Bowman Prospects card to be an official Orioles card, that's the one that will go into my collection. The rest are up for trade, including the cards in the post from 2010. You might notice that his signature appears different on the Bowman card than the rest of these. I got them all in person, so I know that Pedro actually signed them, but as he signed the Bowman last season and the rest were signed this year, it appears that Pedro tweaked his signature sometime during the offseason. I would have to say that it's an improvement, and while slightly less unique, you can at least make out the P in his newer signature. I don't even know how to describe his old autograph, but it looks very close to the pre-print on the Bowman card.

I'm not sure how Pedro fits into the future plans for the Orioles. He doesn't hit particularly well nor with much power and he has averaged over 28 errors per year over his six seasons in the Minors. Since the Orioles drafted Manny Machado in the first round of the 2010 draft, he's no longer the organization's top SS prospect either, so I think this might be the extent of Pedro's time in Baltimore. Whatever may happen, good luck in the future Pedro!


RyanW said...

I got Pedro at one of the meet the team events, and actually talked to him about his autograph. He said he tries to match up the facsimile auto on the Bowman card, but typically does his more legible autograph on other cards. He admitted to occasionally forgetting, but I thought it was pretty cool to even think about that.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Wow man, that's some awesome inside info on his autograph. Thanks for sharing!

But now I'm wondering how the facsimile autograph is so different from his other autograph!