Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Silliness

I think leap days are ridiculous, and while I totally understand the need for them to keep the calendar accurate and the world from imploding or something, everyone always makes such a big deal of the extra day on the calendar. And there's always stories about middle-aged people turning 10, old people turning 20, etc. If you are born on a leap day, what's your legal age? I guess they just consider the blip of time between February 28 and March 1 your special day in a normal year? Silliness, I say.

*Also, I'm on a fixed annual wage and don't see a dime more for the extra day of work. Poppycock.

Anyway, because I don't think much of today's date, here is the most absurd autograph in my collection.

It's Orioles former pitching coach Rick Kranitz pushing a shopping cart with about 19 baseballs in it. Why, Rick, why? Wouldn't a bucket have done the trick? Isn't that standard?


Paul said...

I love that card.

The teams around here don't use shopping carts, but they do have a basket on wheels that looks somewhat similar that holds the baseballs for bp.

zman40 said...

Cool card. Not sure that I've seen a minor league card with a pre-printed signature on it before.

Orioles Magic said...

It is a pretty cool card. And very wacky, so it fit in to my post perfectly.

Who knows, maybe shopping carts were the way to go back when this picture was taken.