Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Oriole #736- Keith Osik

The early 2000's were a time when I didn't spend much time thinking about the Orioles, so my countdown is rapidly approaching a number of players who I just don't remember playing in Baltimore. Keith is certainly one of the ones who I don't recall suiting up for the O's, which I guess is O.K. since he appeared in only 11 games for the team in early 2004, making his Oriole debut on April 7, 2004.

Osik spent much of his ten year MLB career with the Pirates, serving as Jason Kendall's backup, before bouncing from Milwaukee to Baltimore to Washington at the end of his playing years.

He currently is the head baseball coach at Farmingdale State College in Long Island, New York and also runs his own private baseball instruction facility, Keith Osik's Major League Instruction.


Paul said...

I didn't realize that Keith Osik spent ten years in the major leagues, or that he ever played for anyone other than Pittsburgh.

Ryan said...

Paul- I wouldn't have had a clue that he had played elsewhere if he hadn't spent time with the O's. Like I said, I don't even recall him playing for the team. We've had too many short-time players over the past ten years.