Tuesday, February 7, 2012

R.I.P. Danny Clyburn

Multiple news sites are reporting that former Orioles outfielder, Danny Clyburn, was shot and killed overnight in Lancaster, South Carolina. Apparently, Danny had been in an argument with another man when things escalated. The man who he was arguing with has been arrested and charged with his murder. Danny was only 37 years old, and his life was cut way too short.

I wrote a post about Danny back in January 2010, and don't have too much to add to that. Since that time I have discovered that he was the 612th player to appear in a game for the Orioles when he made his Orioles, and MLB, debut on September 17, 1997. And as far as I can tell, he is the first former Oriole to pass away in 2012.

Rest in Peace, Danny. It's always sad when a former player passes away, but is especially so in a violent situation like this one. I'm sorry that you have joined the sad fraternity of Oriole players who have been murdered, I believe joining only Howie Fox, who was stabbed to death in a bar he owned, way back in 1955.


Paul said...

Sad story

Chris said...

hey ryan,
just wondering if you have any unsigned jim johnson or alfredo simon cards or both. If so if you could reply back and hopefully we could work out a deal
thanks, chris

Chris said...

alos if you have any unsigned dana eveland and darren O'Day cards

Ryan said...

Paul- Very sad, it's never good to hear about something like this.

Shelly- Thanks, I will check it out.

Chris- I do have a few cards of each of those players, but only a couple of each that I recently purchased and am going to try to get signed myself. Sorry I can't help! But check out sportlots.com, they have a bunch of cheap singles.