Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oriole #730- Pedro Swann

Before I start writing, this is always what I think about when I hear Pedro's name. I just had to get that off my chest before I try to say anything else about him, or there's no way I would be able to focus.

Pedro "Stop Looking at Me" Swann played in a handful of MLB games for the Braves, Blue Jays, and O's between 2000-03. He made his Orioles debut on September 15, 2003 and played in eight games at the end of that season, which would turn out to be the end of his time in the Majors. He continued to play professional baseball through the 2008 season.

Since he hung up his spikes, he has started up the Pro Swing Sports Academy in Wilmington, Delaware. He works there with another former Oriole, Carlos Mendez, and former MLB pitcher Dwayne Henry. One other interesting tidbit I read about Pedro is that he appeared in the Kevin Costner movie "For the Love of the Game" back in 1999.

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