Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Post FanFest Trade

While many of you already have the pleasure of opening 2012 Topps cards, in my Topps-less part of Baltimore, I'm forced to focus on other things. But since those "other things" are autographs, I'm still happy!

You might remember that I wrote about getting in touch with fellow autograph collector Craig, prior to the O's Fanfest. He and I had traded in the past and were in a position to help each other out at FanFest as well. Turns out that we were able to make another trade following FanFest with some items we got that day. Here's my haul:

A signed Orioles postcard of side-arming reliever and probable future Oriole Darren O'Day. If you clicked the link in my previous post, you saw that Craig also helped me get my O'Day Angels card signed. Since I like having signatures on both non-Orioles cards and O's postcards when they have yet to be featured on cardboard as an Oriole, I'm prepared to write Darren's name on my have list if/when he appears in a game with the O's.

Joe Mahoney will likely one day play for the Orioles, but for now, he's still some variety of a prospect. I wanted this autograph mainly because Joe is rocking the orange uni. 

And this Scott Williamson autograph intrigued me because I know that his Orioles signed items are hard to come by and this one is pretty unique. 

Finally, this Kam Mickolio autographed ball has nothing to do with our trade by rather was pulled by my dad from one of the Orioles mystery ball bags. He likes to take his chances with them and I'm pretty sure that he lucked out with a Markakis ball last year. So you win some, you lose some!


Ryan H said...

I was going to try my luck with one of those grab bag balls but by the time I decided to take the plunge, they were sold out! I waffled a bit considering I could have gotten a ball of a player on the same level as Mickolio.

Craig said...

Glad you received the postcards...enjoy!

If you need any others, there's a bunch of rare names here on eBay at pretty good pricing - guys like Aubrey Huff, Jackie Brandt, Jay Payton, and a black/orange Jake Arrieta jersey...along with the more popular Wieters, Markakis, etc.

Ryan said...

Ryan- It's definitely a gamble!

Craig- You should receive your end by today! And thanks for the heads up on the other postcards. I'm pretty good on all those guys but still need Strop & Phillips!

Craig said...

Thanks Ryan, I'll let you know when I get it. If I come across a Strop or Phillips postcard I will let you know.

RyanW said...

He has a Phillips post card for trade here. Not sure how to contact him but I came across it right before checking out your blog today!

Ryan said...

Thanks for the lead!