Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some Additions to the Vlad Orioles Collection

One year ago, I was excited that the Orioles had signed Vlad, bringing one of my favorite non-Orioles to become to be a member of my favorite team. It seems like there is very little chance that Vlad comes back to Baltimore this year, but I enjoyed his 2011 season in Birdland.

I've slowly been accumulating some more of Vlad's Orioles cards. I haven't extensively collected any current players for quite some time, and it's amazing to see the number of parallels that are out there. Almost every one of his cards has a handful of variations to chase, but it makes things interesting. My favorite of these three is the Gypsy Queen green parallel, and I'm sure that most of you know this but the picture is recessed and the green forms a border around it. Cool stuff.


Paul said...

Nice cards.

I liked parallels better when they were a new idea in the early 1990s. I was collecting guys who were only getting a few cards per year, so it was nice to have something extra to look for.

Now, players either get overlooked completely or have so many cards that it's impossible to get them all. Parallels don't seem quite as fun as they did in simpler times.

Orioles Magic said...

Paul- I'm on the same page about them. While some people might think my Orioles autograph project is crazy, it seems like it's probably just as much, if not more, work to try to collect current players, especially stars. I mean at least none of the autographs I need are numbered 1/1.

Ron Easton for Dads UnLimited said...

Cool, I used to collect Guerrero back when he first came up, so I have lots of his older cards. I hope he gets one more chance somewhere this season! Great site.