Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Minor League Appreciation Pictures

Here's a few more pictures from the 2009 Orioles Minor League Appreciation night.

I have to lead off with the Minor Leaguer who had the best year in my opinion, Brain Matusz. He won the Jim Palmer Pitcher of the Year award so he may now talk highly about himself all year.

Next up is Brandon Waring who won the Brooks Robinson Player of the Year award. He looks a little nervous in this shot but it was probably his first time on a Big League field with fans in the stands. Either that or he dislikes wearing a suit as much as I do!

Caleb Joseph, the 2009 Elrod Hendricks award winner, would probably be the Orioles catcher of the future if he wasn't blocked by the #1 player in all of our hearts, Mr. Matt Wieters. Caleb seems like a great guy wand works very hard at getting better every day. He used to run his own Wordpress blog but it looks like it has since been taking down.

Finally, Mike Griffin won the Cal Ripken Sr. award for player development. He was the pitching coach with Bowie last season and moved up to Norfolk with a lot of the talent this past season. He has been great working with the O's crop of young pitchers.

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