Friday, November 20, 2009

Since the O's Need a New Closer

Joe Borowski 1995

Here is a former Oriole who was at times one of the best closers of his day. But, I am not actually suggesting the O's pursue him this offseason for three reasons. One, because his ERA towards the end of his career was quite high. Two, because his career numbers show him as a very similar pitcher to Jorge Julio. And three, because he retired before the 2009 season. What's that? You think reason three should've been reason one? Eh, whatever.

I have a '94 or '95 Baysox card of his that I would love to get signed since he doesn't have any Orioles cards but this Cubs card I got in a SCN trade works for now.

Joe B. got his first taste of the Majors for the '95 Orioles. He appeared in 6 games and had a 1.23 ERA while striking out three in 7.1 innings. He also walked four, showing an early lack of command. The Birds traded him with Rachaad Stewart (?never heard of this minor league guy?) to the Braves for Kent Mercker on 12-17-95 closing the book on his time with the O's.

Overall, Joe pitched for seven different teams over his 12 seasons in the Majors and led the AL with 45 saves in 2007 while pitching for the Indians. He was the first pitcher to lead his league in saves while having an ERA over 5.00 so it's not that things went smoothly, but they worked out in the end!


Core Contrarian said...

I liked what I think was one of his last games with the Indians when he threw a fastball to Manny Ramirez who hit it out and Manny later said he thought the pitch was a change up. The writing was on the wall for Joe then.

Orioles Magic said...

Haha, I don't remember that story but it does sound like it was time for Joe to hang up his spikes.