Friday, December 11, 2009

Goodbye Chris Ray, Hello Kevin Millwood

I know that I'm like two days late with this post but I wanted to scan a few new autographs that I got from Chris at the O's last homestand of the season. And yes, I realize those games were over two months ago, but that's pretty much how far behind I am with my scanning.

I most recently wrote about Chris in one of my "Autograph Year in Review" posts and I labeled him as a "good signer". That was second place in my classification scheme so Chris was someone I could count on to sign frequently throughout the season.

But he's not and Oriole anymore. As I'm sure that you have all heard by now, Chris was traded to the Rangers on Wednesday for Kevin Millwood. I really like the trade for the Orioles. Chris could bring the heat but didn't seem to have his head on straight the past few seasons and was wildly inconsistent.

Millwood immediately becomes the team's #1 starter. He is 155-121 over his 13 year MLB career, leading his league in ERA & WHIP once, games started twice, and averaged 208 Innings Pitched. I'm not expecting a Cy Young type performance from Kevin but he is definitely an upgrade over pretty much anyone on the current staff. He is regarded as a good staff leader and teacher so he also fills that role that has been vacant recently.

I also read today in the Sun that Brian Matusz looked up to Millwood while growing up. So that's another positive about this trade.

This is my favorite Chris Ray autograph and by positing it, I say farewell to #37.
Good luck in Texas, just not against the Orioles!

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