Monday, April 19, 2010

My Turn to Thank big D

Kalina did a great job with her guest post yesterday, but I still have to throw in my two cents on this one. big D deserves two posts for his kindness!

I have seen custom cards from big D and others pop up over other blogs, but this was the first time that any were sent my way. It was extremely kind of him to make these cards for both Kalina and me and I now have a totally unique Matt Wieters card. Believe me, there's no way I could ever afford a 1/1 of Wieters that was put out by a card company, so this is now the gem of my collection. The only question now is, do I keep it as is, or try to get it signed?

It's amazing and extremely kind of him to have done this for us. big D-Kalina has talked about doing a guest post on here for 6 months, but never fully had the motivation until she received the Nyjer Morgan card that you made for her. We are both blown away by your kindness and skill!

Not only did big D send us both a custom card of our favorite players, but he also sent a few additional Nyjer cards for Kalina and some cards from my set needs list as well.

You are truly the man, big D. I highly suggest that everyone immediately check out his blog, Hey That's Mine, if you somehow haven't found it yet.


SAinPA said...

What a class act on the part of Big D! It is truly heart warming to see people do nice things for other people. Congratulations to you all!

BigD said...

I could send another in case your TTM attempt doesn't make it back. It wouldn't be a 1/1 anymore though!