Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Training Contest Results-Congrats to the Rays and BA Benny!

Now that Spring Training 2010 is officially over, my contest is also complete. The Rays held on to have the best record of the Spring which means that BA Benny is the winner of my first ever contest. He narrowly edged out RadicalEddie, and he picked their record to be 22-10, which was very close to their actual record of 20-8, so that means that he is taking home the prize. Congratulations BA Benny! Either leave a comment on this post, or shoot me an email so we can discuss your winnings!

Here are the final records of all the teams (in blue)


Atlanta Braves (33) Captain Canuck 24-9 17-12
Baltimore Orioles (32) Aaron 20-12, Jeremy 23-9 12-17
Boston Red Sox (33) AdamE 21-12 17-14
Detroit Tigers (35) Grand Cards 19-16 18-12
Florida Marlins (31) Paul W 23-8 14-14
Houston Astros (33) Steve E. 13-20 13-15
Minnesota Twins (31) SpastikMooss 23-8 16-14
New York Mets (34) Slangon 22-12 14-16
New York Yankees (33) Bo 22-11, Drew 25-8 13-15
Philadelphia Phillies (31) KmSals 26-5 15-12
Pittsburgh Pirates (32) Paul 24-7-1 7-21
St. Louis Cardinals (30) Kevin 22-8, madding 14-16 15-14
Tampa Bay Rays (32) RadicalEddie 19-13, BA Benny 22-10 20-8
Toronto Blue Jays (30) mmmrhubarb 21-8-1, The Gooch 23-7 12-13
Washington Nationals (33) Collective Troll 25-8, Mark's Ephemera 16-17 10-20


Arizona Diamondbacks (33) Sean Benton 20-13, TheBrooklynMet 21-12 15-17
Chicago Cubs (35) The Diamond King 23-12 18-12
Chicago White Sox (34) White Sox Cards 24-10 12-16
Cincinnati Reds (32) heavy hitter 19-13, Carl Crawford Cards 22-10 12-16
Cleveland Indians (32) night owl 20-12 19-9
Colorado Rockies (33) phaedrusX 21-12 17-13
Kansas City Royals (31) zman40 21-10 14-13
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (33) Wickedliquids 26-8 13-15
Los Angeles Dodgers (31) Roy 25-6 11-17
Milwaukee Brewers (33) Thorzul 20-13 16-14
Oakland Athletics (33) dan 23-10 12-17
San Diego Padres (32) Rod 20-12 18-10
San Francisco Giants (34) Joe K 22-12 23-12
Seattle Mariners (33) Play at the Plate 20-13, packaddict 19-14 12-18
Texas Rangers (31) Moe 21-10, Spiff 19-12 10-19


RadicalEddie said...

Do I get any runner up prize for picking the most winning ST team? I know I didn't have the right record and was edge out by one game, but I was just wondering! Thanks for the contest though Ryan.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Well, that wasn't my plan initially, but I think I could swing a runner-up card or two. After all, you did pick the team with the best record! Let me know what you are interested in, and I'll see what I have for you.

RadicalEddie said...

Wow, that's so cool! Thanks Ryan! Personally though I really don't mind what you send me or what card. Can you surprise me? lol

O's vs Rays tonight!

(How weird we are playing the Rays!)

RadicalEddie said...

btw how should I send you my address? I just notice that I didn't give it to you.

also do you think the O's can stop the bleeding tonight? we have been playing good ball, but we keep losing them one runs games. and what do you think of miggy batting 4th? I'm not really crazy over it.