Monday, April 5, 2010

New Players On the Orioles Opening Day Roster

And I'm not talking about guys like Garrett Atkins, Kevin Millwood or Mike Gonzalez who I have been counting in my total number of Orioles players since they were signed. Barring a tragic injury or untimely death, we all knew that they would be making the team out of Spring Training, so I have included them in my total number of Orioles players since the day they signed with the club.
Is it right to include guys like that in my total? Yes, I think it's fine; it could be slightly misleading at most, but this is my site so we play by my rules.

The three guys that made the team that I didn't expect to see in Baltimore are Will Ohman, Craig Tatum and the newly acquired Julio Lugo. The fact that David Hernandez and Jason Berken made the Opening Day roster were also a bit of a surprise but from my autograph standpoint, I have been able to get them to sign multiple times in person. I do not have an autograph of Ohman or Lugo so they are going to be my primary focus at the beginning of the season. I have been able to obtain a signed card and Orioles player card of Tatum through trades, but would like to get his autograph in person as well. Once Ohman, Tatum and Lugo officially appear in a game wearing the Orange and Black, I will add them to the running total of players that have appeared in a game for the Birds. Right now that number sits at 873, but it will likely soon be 876.

I'm ready for some Orioles baseball!


kmsals said...

Can't wait until tomorrow to watch the first "official" O's game. Go O's!

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Let's Go O's!

zman40 said...

Speaking of surprise roster additions, how about John Parrish for the Royals? You wouldn't happen to have any unsigned O's cards of him available, would you?

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

zman-Yeah, I think I do, I will check for you tonight. I saw that he beat out Anthony Lerew, who grew up near me in PA, for the last bullpen spot. I'll let you know what I can find with Parrish.