Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nate Smith

Recently, a dealer I'm acquainted with has been trying to put together a signing with Nate Smith, who is a pretty tough Orioles autograph to track down. I bought my copy off another collector on Sportscollectors.net, and to date, it is one of the more expensive autographs I've had to buy for my collection. Luckily I had some Paypal money built up at the time, so it didn't hit me too hard out of pocket. 

Nate's MLB career lasted all of five games covering 10 days at the end of the 1962 season. In nine at-bats, he had two hits, including a double, and scored three runs. And that was it.

Since his brief time for the O's, Nate has proven tough to track down. He is another Drungo Hazewood type, although Drungo was much more heavily hyped; they both had very short stints with the Orioles and now seem adverse to signing autographs. There are a few signatures to be found out there, but they are few and far between.

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Kirk Jacobson said...

Please keep me in the loop, if/when this signing happens. I definitely am in on it.