Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some Recent Orioles Autographs

So far this year I've gotten less autographs than in past seasons. I've had less time than I've had in previous years but I guess getting married will do that to you. At least the quality of the autographs has made up for the decrease in quantity.

My favorite additions to the collection have been upgrading my Vlad, D-Lee and Hardy autographs to Orioles cards.

The biggest thrill by far was getting Vladdy to sign his first and only O's card. I even got to mention to him that I had seen him play with the Senators in the mid-90s and he commented that was "a long time ago."

Adding Derrek Lee not five minutes after I got Vlad was pretty exciting too.  Although his signature leaves a bit to be desired. 

Hardy signed for a bunch of fans on his first day back from his DL stint. And he's had a pretty good week at the plate too.

I don't have much nice to say about Gonzo at this point. But I am glad to finally have his only actual O's card signed.
 I didn't really know what to say to Simon. "All that murder accusation business over?" sounded a little heavy. He seemed happy to be back in Baltimore though. 
 I remember being a huge fan of this card when this set came out 15 odd years ago, so it's cool to have it signed now.

I'm confident that I haven't heard Russell say a word to anyone during the two times I've seen him sign. How quintessentially '80s is this card? Awesome. 

I was shocked to see JJ sign, he doesn't seem to enjoy it too much. 


Orioles Autograph Project said...

The card Derrek Lee signed for me is soo much of a different signature then yours. I only had one encountered with Jim Johnson this year and he seemed nice

unclemoe said...

Nice Vlad.


zman40 said...

I'm jealous. I haven't got a single 2011 card signed yet.

Play at the Plate said...

Nice additions to the collection!

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

OAP-I think D Lee gave me a bit of a rush job, I have his autograph on a card from the early-mid '90s and you would NEVER guess the same guy signed them both.

Moe- thanks, he's my favorite of the bunch.

zman- I will say that my need to have player's Orioles cards sometimes forces me to get signed cards as soon as they come out. If I have any extra 2011 cards signed, they're heading your way!

PAP- Thanks man, I've been pretty happy with my graphing success so far this year.