Friday, May 13, 2011

Unpossible Autograph Friday- Duane Pillette

Like many of you, Blogger seems to have eaten my post that was supposed to have been up yesterday. In my few years of using the program, this is the first time that's happened to me. It was a relatively unimportant post, but I will try to re-write it sometime next week.

This week's unpossible autograph is of Duane Pillette, who unfortunately passed away last Friday.

In the Spring of 2009, when I first really got back into my Orioles autograph collection and sending out TTM requests, Duane was one of the first players I sent to because I already had his card. That was back before I used autograph resources like and also knew other graphers who I could talk to about who signed and who didn't. This was also before I asked for players to personalize my requests, and I had intended to send Duane another request to get a personalized autograph, but I missed out on that opportunity. To Duane's credit, he was always a great signer and asset to the hobby and returned this signed card in only six days.

Duane was a second generation Major League pitcher, following in his dad Herman's footsteps. He pitched in the Majors from 1949-56 with the Yankees, Browns, Orioles and Phillies and has the distinction of being the losing pitcher in the final game of Browns' history and the winning pitcher in the first victory for the Orioles franchise. I don't think many other players have had the opportunity to accomplish something like that.

A fellow SCN member also mentioned how Duane was with the Browns for the infamous Eddie Gaedel- midget pinch hitter game. That's one of those classic, yet ridiculous, baseball stories and I wish I had known he was a part of his when I sent my request.

RIP Duane, thank you for having made many of your fans happy over the years.

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