Monday, May 23, 2011

Oriole #898- Ryan Adams

On Friday night, Ryan Adams made his MLB and Orioles debut, getting the start at second base against the Nationals. I scored some amazing seats for the game so was able to take a few pictures with my phone. They aren't as clear as I would've liked, but you can sort of tell that they are him.

Here he is at second base in the top of the first, technically making his debut

That's him on deck in the bottom of the second

And here he is on first base, after singling to left in his second AB in the bottom of the fourth

All-in-all, he had a decent debut, going 1-4, scoring a run and helping to turn a double play in the field. Unfortunately, the game was a clunker for the O's who lost by twelve runs to the offensively challenged Nationals. It figures that Friday was the only game I made it to over the weekend, since the O's put the Nats away on Saturday and Sunday to win the series, even though they were still outscored in the series due to Friday's blowout. 

Since Adams has played at every level of the Orioles farm system, I've had the chance to get his autograph a number of times over the past three seasons.

Along with the Bowman Certified auto at the top of the post, I've gotten these cards of his signed, probably along with a few others that I never scanned. If any of you Orioles collectors would like to trade for one, just let me know. I think I will be adding the bottom Bowman Heritage card to my Orioles autograph binder.

Since it sounds like B-Rob might be out for a little while, I hope that Ryan gets a chance to show what he's got for the O's. Good luck to him.


Ryan said...

Nice autographs and legible too! I was able to get Ryan to sign that same Bowman Heritage card last year while he was at Bowie.

zman40 said...

It is always nice to have their autograph in hand long before their debut (assuming they ever have one).

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Ryan, I agree that he has a decent signture, let's hope it stays that way! And I always enjoy seeing how other Ryan's sign their name. I have yet to run into a baseball player with my last name though.

Zach- Very true. By graphing the minors I also end up with a ton of autographs from guys that never make it to the show.