Saturday, May 21, 2011

Orioles Bobblehead of the Week- Adam Jones

While I don't think Adam will ever be one of my favorite Orioles, he has had a decent season so far, at least compared to most of the rest of the team, so I figure it's about time to show off his bobblehead.

The Orioles honored him with a bobble on Wednesday June 17, 2009 on the night of an inter-league game against the Mets. It's a pretty cool design; I know that it's hard to tell from this picture but his feet aren't on the ground. His body plugs into the back wall by a medal rod, attached around the small of his back, to picture him jumping to make a catch at the wall. The inclusion of the 410 distance marker is nice too. Conceptually, it's a pretty cool design for the O's. 

I have to admit that Adam can make some amazing catches in centerfield. His "trademark" seems to be blowing a bubble during the play, as paid homage to on the bobble. While the picture the O's used on the box is an impressive shot, I feel like finding one of him making a catch while blowing a bubble wouldn't have been too much to ask for. He does it about once a series, so there should be some photographic evidence of it!


dodgerbobble said...

I never noticed the bubble gum before. Now I want one of those. I think we're gonna have to make a two or three bobble trade.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Works for me man!

Scott Crawford said...

Ha, I was at this game. Drove down for a late birthday present 2 years ago, my first time in Camden Yards (aka the best park in baseball now that old Yankee Stadium's gone). Didn't know it was bobblehead day until I got there. Great time, though. Still have my bobblehead (my only one so far) on my dresser.