Monday, May 16, 2011

Nelson Simmons

*This is the post that blogger lost last Thursday. It's alive!

I'm at the point in my collection where it's getting really difficult to find any autographs I need. There are only thirteen former O's who I don't have an autograph of, and 38 others who I'm still looking to upgrade to Orioles cards. Many of those who I need to upgrade are similar to Nelson Simmons. They are mostly players who only have one or two Orioles cards, so it's not that their autographs are hard to find, just that their signed Orioles cards are few and far between.

I had an autographed copy of Nelson's 1986 Topps Tigers card in my collection for some time but recently got lucky and was able to upgrade by adding a signed copy of his only Orioles card.

Nelson's signature is a sort of strange print/cursive hybird which I haven't come across too often. It's admittedly more legible and preferred to many current players' chickenscratch autographs, but odd nonetheless.

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