Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A New Orioles Autograph Blog

I recently came across Billy's Orioles Collection after he became a follower of my blog. It looks like he started his blog around the middle of May and has posted a number of O's autographs since then.

It's always nice to see when other Orioles autograph collectors start a blog because it's a nice way to see which former O's sign TTM and I always like to gain a possible new trade partner. Along with Eutaw Street Cardboard which is written by Kirk, there is now a nice trio of Orioles autograph blogs. I have successfully traded with Kirk in the past and hope to work out something with Billy as well. I hope that we can all help one another reach our goals, whatever they may be.

If you haven't yet checked out Billy's Orioles Collection or Eutaw Street Cardboard, click on on the links above and see which awesome Orioles autographs they have posted recently.

I also recently got to meet Aaron, one of my frequent Orioles autograph trade partners at Sunday's O's game. We both had a fair amount of success (typical Sunday luck) and those scans and pictures will be coming soon. One of the things we discussed was our lack of success with Julio Lugo.
This is the card that Julio signed for me a few weeks back. I'm happy to have any signature from him but he didn't use the sharpie I tried to hand him and the very next day, I got my Orioles player postcard of him. Since he signed this for me, I have seen him sign a few times but it almost seems as though he has intentionally avoided me. C'mon Lugo, I'm not a dealer, just a collector always looking for an upgrade for my collection. One more autograph and I won't bug you anymore! I don't know how long he might be around to sign, so I hope to add him to the collection soon.


Billy said...

Thanks for the shout out, I'll definitely return the favor! And yeah, let me get a tradelist put together and we'll have to work out some trades.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Anytime man, keep up the good work. It would be great to trade with you!