Monday, June 14, 2010

TTM Success- Scott Klingenbeck

For whatever reason, I tend to think that Scott had a longer Orioles career/baseball career than he actually did. He only pitched in 7 games over two seasons for the O's and only appeared in 39 Major League games over his 4 seasons in the Bigs.
He did help the Orioles for a few years after he left town, as he was traded to the Twins for Scott Erickson, who solidified the Orioles rotation for the next 5 or so seasons.

Scott was nice enough to sign my TTM request in only 10 days. His signature displays a solid "Scott" followed by what appears to be Klg'. I don't really expect a former Big Leaguer to still spell out all 11 letters of his last name, and he personalized my request like I prefer, so I'm happy.

Klingenbeck's last name reminds me of Kalina and my favorite German Christmas song, Kling Glockchen (Kling-e-ling-e-ling). The link goes to a YouTube version of the song, which is a little lame, but you'll get the idea. And that fulfills your German requirement on the blog for 2010. Nice work class.


kasliwi said...

To save face, I feel we need to say that is not our favorite version of the song...just one of the few easy to find youtube versions...I promise, we're not nerds.

kmsals said...

I vote for Dominck the Donkey if we can find a former O with a similar name.