Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SCN Trade Success

I recently got these cards back in the mail after a successful transaction with SCN user, michaeland. He's a reliable guy and I'm very happy with these autographs. Both Adam Stern and Rich Hill are currently playing for AAA Pacific Coast League teams that michaeland has access to and I don't, so I was happy to send him a few dollars to get each signed for me.
I wish the Stern autograph popped a little more, but overall this went very well.

As far as I know, this is Adam's only Orioles card and it's the only card I've ever seen from this set(?). I don't know how many players were included but I was very happy to come across this on the bay a couple months ago. Once I bought it, I was a man on a mission to get it signed. Adam has a card in the 2007 Norfolk Tides team set that I had wanted to get signed but this card is perfect for my collection, not to mention that it's very unique.

Next up is former Oriole "great", Rich Hill, who was a great signer when he was in Baltimore but all of his Orioles cards were released after he had already been cut loose by the O's. This card replaces my certified Orioles A&G auto that was in the collection.


phaedrusX said...

Cool post. You've probably already checked this out, but thought I'd point you to it anyway. I did a search for "Jewish Major Leagers" and found this site that created those card sets:

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Good stuff man! Somehow I didn't come across that link. It would be cool to see a picture checklist of all the cards.

zman40 said...

That Jewish card is pretty cool. How much did that set you back?

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Zach-surprisingly, it was only about $3. Not a bad deal for a rare O's card.