Wednesday, June 2, 2010

TTM Success-John "Horse" Orsino

Horse is such a great nickname. I guess when your last name starts with Ors, then it's a good head start for it. And I wasn't able to confirm this, but I don't think he got the nickname due to looking like a horse, which I don't think he does, I'm just trying to clear that up. Is everyone straight on that now?

John played in the Major Leagues for parts of 7 seasons with 3 different teams from 1961-67. Even though John was with the Orioles for only 3 seasons, he played 274 of his 332 big league games for them. 1963 was by far his best season and he achieved career highs in almost every offensive category. He is currently the head men's golf coach at Florida Atlantic University, a position that he has held since 2004.

I was very happy to have received my TTM request back from John in just 21 days. He is only a 50% signer over the years, but I had noticed that he was signing more lately, so I took a shot. If you don't have success with John through his home address, I guess you could try sending him a request through FAU. Good luck everyone! Thanks John!

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