Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday's O's Alumni Autos

Hoiles, Etchebarren & Hansen

First and foremost, I am glad that I was prepared with my Ron Hansen cards for Monday's autograph session. As he was on the list of players scheduled to appear, I had two of his cards with the rest of the potential signers with me so I would be ready. Ron was very nice and was shaking everyone's hand that walked by in line.

Kalina even charmed him into personalizing one for me!

I wanted to start with my upbeat paragraph about my successful Ron Hansen autograph before I got into my issue with last night's signing. Chris Hoiles and Andy Etchebarren were the other two O's alumni, which is totally awesome, but as they weren't listed as possible candidates to appear, I didn't have their cards! So I got these postcards signed instead...
These aren't bad but since I have a multitude of Hoiles cards and at least a couple Etch cards at my house, I would have much preferred to have them sign my cards than these over-sized postcards. Oh man, I was kind of disappointed since the information is never released as to who will be signing on any given day and I was caught with my pants down!

It is good to know that some additional players will be signing over the course of the season than those originally listed, but it would be even better to know who would be signing every week. I hate when I'm not prepared for these things; I know it's not a big deal but it's one of those things that gets to me for some reason.


Anonymous said...

I was frustrated too, not knowing that Hoiles and Etch were gonna be there. I would have had Hoiles sign for my Orioles Crown set.

BTW, in your picture of the Orioles Alumni trio, that is my father in law shaking hands with Hoiles and my brother in law on the far left with the Markakis jersey. I was about 2 people in front of them in a throwback Ripken jersey.

Orioles Magic said...

That's a pretty funny coincidence; I'm glad that I could include your father in law and brother in law in the blog! Too bad it's not a better picture of them.

I'm working on trying to find a connection for finding out who will be signing throughout the season. If I get one, I will make sure to share the info with you.