Friday, August 6, 2010

Unpossible Autograph- Dick Kryhoski

This isn't Dick Kyhoski's first appearance on my blog; for those of you who have been reading or following for a while,  I showed off my first auto of his way back in June 2009.  Since that autographed card showed him in a Browns uniform, I kept my eyes open and found this signed O's card for sale and made the upgrade to my collection.  I think that I have since traded away the Browns autograph, but I'm so disorganized these days that it's really hard to say. 

Dick played 7 seasons in the Major Leagues from 1949-55 with 5 different teams, the Orioles, St. Louis Browns, Detroit Tigers, Kansas City A's, and New York Yankees.  He was a left-handed hitting first baseman, and his career highlight was probably being a member of the '49 Yankees World Series Champs in his rookie season, although it doesn't look like he appeared in any games during the WS.  Dick followed the Browns from St. Louis to Baltimore and was a member of the O's 1954 inaugural team, which was also the only year he played for the Birds. 

I also wanted to mention that Dick served in the military during WWII.  He died on April 10, 2007; but had been active in player alumni groups and remained a good TTM signer until his passing.  RIP Dick. 

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