Sunday, October 23, 2011

Numbering the Orioles

One of my offseason projects is to attempt to assign a debut number to everyone who has played for the  Orioles, from 1-910. I'm counting down from 2011-1954, since I already had the Oriole # for the players from the past few years.

I like how all three players on this card are known as Orioles

I'm guessing that you probably didn't know that Carlos Mendez is Oriole #726 and made his Orioles (and MLB) debut on May 22, 2003. It's possible that Carlos Mendez might have been the only person who knew that information before today, but it's possible that he didn't even know his Oriole #! Well, I kind of just made up the term Oriole #, so it's not fair to expect anyone else to know what it is.

Carlos played 26 games for the Orioles that year and hit .222 over 45 at-bats and that was the extent of his MLB career. Most recently, he spent 2011 as a coach for the class A Rome Braves.

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