Friday, June 14, 2013

Filling Some Holes

There have already been twelve players who have made their Orioles debuts so far this year, and I did not have autographs of six of those guys; each of whom knocked me further and further away from the 100% of total signatures from the Orioles all-time roster I had achieved in the off-season. And that made me mad(ish). So I took action and knocked off certified signatures from four of the six I needed. (As far as I can tell, there are no certified Josh Stinson autographs out there, and I have yet to acquire one of Alex Burnett.) 

While I have custom Old Man Cards ready to be signed of all four of these guys, I figured that I would rather go ahead and knock them off my list for now, since my autograph time has been drastically reduced, at least to this point in the season. Hopefully these four will end up on my trade list one day, but if not, at least I'm covered. Oh, and they were all to be had on the cheap, which works out perfectly for me!

Chris Snyder #948

Freddy Garcia #949

Yamaico Navarro #951

Danny Valencia #953

 I have trades and/or consignments out for Stinson and Burnett, so hopefully I can knock them off my need list in the near future to get back to my cherished 100%. Now if only the Orioles would cooperate and slow it down with the debuts already. How is a collector to keep up?!?

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Unknown said...

Hello! I stumbled across your blog a while back, and didn't notice, until now, that you had a link to some extra autos that you might be willing to part with. I'm in the process of collecting Orioles, myself, exclusively, and have plenty of gaps to fill. Unfortunately, I do not have any upgrades from your want list available. Would you be interested in selling? There are 17 total autos that I'd be interested in, from your list. provided they are not personalized, and are either O's, Keys, Baysox, etc. cards. You can reach me at vitamint at wowway dot com. Thanks! BTW, sorry to contact you in this manner - I saw no other way to do so :)