Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Oriole #997- Cesar Cabral

We are getting closer and closer to the magical number for Oriole #1000; who will it be? Since I posed the question back in April, six players from the Tides have made their debuts, and now we are just three away. Maybe it's time to revisit the question. But today's focus is on the 997th player to appear in a game for the O's, Cesar Cabral.

Now most of you probably are probably aware that I don't much care for having signed Yankees cards in my collection, but for the time being, this is Cesar's only card in major sets. And, I certainly prioritize having any sort of autograph over my dislike of signed Yanks cards, so for now, this is in my collection.

Cesar has quite the interesting transaction history, most of it occurring with the teams of the AL East. He was originally signed as an amateur free agent by the Red Sox back in 2005; the Rays then selected him in the 2010 Rule V draft. Over the course of 2 weeks during spring training 2011, he was picked up on waivers by the Blue Jays, then the Rays again, and eventually returned to the Red Sox. After the 2011 season, he was again taken in the Rule V draft, this time by the Royals, and then was purchased by the Yankees. Got all that?

He eventually made his MLB debut with the Yankees in September 2013, and would pitch a total of twelve games with the Evil Empire over the '13-14 seasons, ending up with a 7.71 ERA over 4.2 IP, so he's definitely a LOOGY (lefty one one guy).

The Orioles signed him to a minor league contract this past January, and he actually never even pitched for the big league club during spring training, so it's a pretty impressive feat for him to be off the radar in March and now pitching for the team in June. But that is what having a 0.00 ERA and 25 K's split between 21 games at AA Bowie(2) and then AAA Norfolk(19) will do for a guy. And he's been good with the O's so far too, with two hitless/scoreless appearances totaling an inning of work.

Keep up the good work Cesar!


Aaron said...

Definitely one of the worst signatures I've ever seen. I don't know whose is worse, Cabral or Holtzman TTM.

BTW did you get in on that Holtzman private signing on SCN? I paid $50 to get a Crown card signed through the private signing then watched a signed Crown (an extra from the person who hosted the private signing) sell on eBay for $10 haha. Oh well.

SAinPA said...

Working on a decent Cabral card for you.

Orioles Magic said...

Yeah, pretty horrible. I meant to write something about that but forgot to do it. Cesar better clean that up!

And I did not do the signing, I have a signed Holtzman crown I got somewhere along the way, but it's his bad signature and it's signed in pen. If I had seen the $10 one on ebay it would have been a nice upgrade, but I haven't had as much money to put towards the collection in the past year or so thanks to our little man, but you know how that goes.

And I've had that happen a few times with the price of a signing or card. I buy something that very well could have been the only shot at a signature, only to have something cheaper come up a few days later. But then you never know. We all have our success stories too!