Friday, March 11, 2016

It's Been A Long Time

Hi everybody, sorry to have taken so much time away from the site, but I'm going to try to put long absences in the past. Or at least not make them quite as long. It was never my intent to not write a single post in over five months, but since this is a site about Orioles autographs, I suppose it makes sense that the off season is the time to step back.

I am still working on my collection, and have added some autographs to my collection during my time away. My hope is that now that baseball is back in season, that it will work as my motivation to write about and show off some of my autographs that have never been on this site. I just got back from a trip to Spring Training so the autographs I obtained in Sarasota should serve as an additional incentive.

Over my five day trip to the Sarasota area, I collected almost 250 autographs of Orioles players, coaches, and minor leaguers (along with help from my dad and mom). Of the players on the 40 man roster, only T.J. McFarland, J.J. Hardy, Jonathan Schoop, and Hyun Soo Kim managed to avoid me completely.

I'm going to work on scanning my autographs this weekend, but here is a preview of some of the autographs I got on my trip.

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