Friday, February 26, 2010

Spring Training Contest Information!

I finally got motivated to hold my own contest after watching many other blogs hold excellent contests over the past year. I don't know if this contest is an original idea but I haven't heard of anyone else doing it before and I think it's something that could be fun to do.

Since Spring is the time of year that any team can have the best record, the idea is for everyone to select the team that they think will have the best winning % in Spring Training; it will include all Grapefruit and Cactus League teams, and the results from split-squad games but not games played against college teams. As a tiebreaker, I would like everyone to select their team's record (team's play between 30-35 games as listed below). Multiple people can pick the same teams and who ever comes closest to selecting the actual record will win the prize.

As far as the prizes go for this, I was going to list a bunch of cards that the winner could choose from but I have decided to just say that I'll work with the winner to make sure that they are happy with their winnings. It will be something good from my selection of autographs, inserts, short prints, and base cards. Your prize will be something that you should really enjoy.

I will update this post as people join in on the contest but here is the list of teams and the number of games that they will play.


Atlanta Braves (33) Captain Canuck 24-9
Baltimore Orioles (32) Aaron 20-12, Jeremy 23-9
Boston Red
Sox (33) AdamE 21-12
Cincinnati Reds (32) heavy hitter 19-13, Carl Crawford Cards 22-10
Detroit Tigers (35) Grand Cards 19-16
Florida Marlins (31) Paul W 23-8
Astros (33) Steve E. 13-20
Minnesota Twins (31) SpastikMooss 23-8
New York
Mets (34) Slangon 22-12
New York Yankees (33) Bo 22-11, Drew 25-8
Phillies (31) KmSals 26-5

Pittsburgh Pirates (32) Paul 24-7-1
St. Louis Cardinals (30) Kevin 22-8, madding 14-16
Tampa Bay Rays (32) RadicalEddie 19-13, BA Benny 22-10
Toronto Blue Jays (30) mmmrhubarb 21-8-1, The Gooch 23-7
Washington Nationals (33) Collective Troll 25-7, Mark's Ephemera 16-17


Arizona Diamondbacks (33) Sean Benton 20-13, TheBrooklynMet 21-12
Chicago Cubs (35) The Diamond King 23-12
Chicago White
Sox (34) White Sox Cards 24-10
Cleveland Indians (32) night owl 20-12
Colorado Rockies (33) phaedrusX 21-12
Kansas City Royals (31) zman40 21-10
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (33) Wickedliquids 26-8
Los Angeles Dodgers (31) Roy 25-6
Milwaukee Brewers (33) Thorzul 20-13
Oakland Athletics (33) dan 23-10
San Diego Padres (32) Rod 20-12
San Francisco Giants (34) Joe K 22-12
Seattle Mariners (33) Play at the Plate 20-13, packaddict 19-14
Texas Rangers (31)
Moe tbd, Spiff 19-12

For a bonus Contest attached to the Spring Training contest, you will get an entry into my baseball HOF autograph giveaway if you link this post in your blog, or are a follower of my blog. So you can earn two entries into that contest very easily. All names will be plugged into and assigned a number and a winner will be picked that way. You will get your choice of autographs from Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer, Andre Dawson or Robin Roberts.

So c'mon everybody, let's get this contest started!


Kevin said...

St. Louis 22-8

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go with the Orioles, 20-12

JNP624 said...

Orioles 23-9

Play at the Plate said...

I'm a Texas fan but I'll go Mariners 20-13.

kasliwi said...

Nationals. Undefeated.

(Yes...I'm kidding)

Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh 24-7-1

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks for the entries so far everyone.

Aaron & Jeremy I like the optimism.

Sliwi- I don't know if Strasburg will make THAT much of an impact!

PaulW said...

Marlins at 23-8

Paul W.

unclemoe said...

Rangers: 21-11


SAinPA said...

Phillies 26-5

JoesAutographs said...

Giants 22-12

Joe K

night owl said...

Indians: 20-12.

Captain Canuck said...

Braves 24-9

I've been a follower of your blog for awhile now... thanks for the contest!

zman40 said...

Royals- 21-10

heavy hitter said...

The Reds 19-13

RadicalEddie said...

I'll pick the Rays, Ryan since no one has yet. My record is 19-13.

Matthew said...

Rockies - 21-12

Collective Troll said...

GREAT CONTEST! Gonna go with the Nationals who will probably win more games in the spring than in the regular season. 25-7.

Dan said...

I'm going to choose the Royals, 20-13.

AdamE said...

Red Sox 21-12

The Diamond King said...

Cubbies! 23-12.

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks for all of the entries everyone, this should be fun!

Dan- The Royals play 31 games, can you adjust your prediction of their record? Thanks!

Slangon said...

I'll take the Mets at 22-12.

Wishful thinking?

Orioles Magic said...

Moe- Can you also update your record prediction? The Rangers play 31 games. Thanks!

Dan said...

Hey, can I change my prediction? I didn't notice the Royals were already taken. Athletics: 23-10

Steve Gierman said...

White Sox (24-10)

Cool idea for a contest!

Bo said...

Yankees - 22-9

Grand Cards said...

Tigers: 19-16

I am now a proud follower of your blog, with a link to follow at some point (I'll let you know when its up).

MJ said...

Angels - 26 - 8

Roy said...

Dodgers, 25-6

SpastikMooss said...

Twins, 23-8

Anonymous said...

Brewers, 20-13.

This will give me a reason to cheer during a meaningless game.

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks for the entries everyone. Spots are filling up fast now!

BA Benny said...

Mets fan here but I will go with Tampa Bay at 22-10.

Thanks for the contest! I am now a follower and have pluged you over on my blog

The Gooch said...

I'll take the Blue Jays just to be different: 23-7
I'll link from my blog soon.

TheBrooklynMet said...

I'll take the Diamondbacks at 21-12. I'll post a ling in my blog tonight. Thanks!

sociallyawkwardjellyfish said...

Mariners. 19-14

Carl Crawford Cards said...

Reds 22-10

Mark Aubrey said...

Nationals - 16-17

I'll follow you. Too late to put a link up on my blog.

Thanks for the contest.

Bo said...

Can you change my 22-9 to 22-11 as apparently I can't add?