Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Some Recent Upgrades

Thanks to Chris Potter's recent signings, I was able to upgrade a few of my autographs to my preferred personalized versions. I always enjoy my autographs more when they are personalized, because I then know they were signed just for me. That makes sense, right?

Both Frank Baker, and especially Drungo Hazewood, have been tough autographs to track down in the past, and it's great that Potter was able to work out signing deals with both of them.

I can now replace the signed version of this card that I purchased a few years back that made me (rather irrationally) mad. This one has a much clearer signature than the other card, which is now available for trade, so in addition to the personalization, this is an all-around upgrade. 

This autograph replaces my much-hyped Hazewood autograph that I obtained at the 2010 National Card Show here in Baltimore. While Drungo's signature is marginally better on the other card,  the "To Ryan" aspect of this autograph trumps the quality of the signature. Autographs of Drungo once bordered on near-impossble but Chris Potter has made his signature available to the masses. Which is great as I was able to get this upgrade, but not so great now that my other card has lost some trade value, at least in the short-term.

Thanks for tracking down some tough former O's, Chris!

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