Friday, March 22, 2013

A Few Upgrades

I've spent this past week in Sarasota, spending time with my family, watching some Orioles Spring Training games, and getting as many autographs as humanly possible. So I'll make this quick.

I've recently been able to add a couple personalized upgrades to my collection via some Chris Potter signings. Chris is based in the Baltimore area and consistently sets up signings with a number of former Orioles players, which has allowed me to get some players who don't typically sign TTM to add my name to their signature.

Most recently, former pitchers Dick Drago and Roger Nelson personalized their Orioles Crown cards for me.

Also, one of my fellow Orioles autograph collectors and frequent trade partner, Russell, hooked me up with his custom Wally Westlake Orioles card in a trade. It's certainly an upgrade over Wally's "Orioles" Crown card that pictures him in a Pirates uniform and goes to show that the producers of that set could have done a better job picturing all of the players in O's uniforms if they had done some more digging. But it did come out in 1991, before we had the luxury of the internet, so I'll give them that.

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