Thursday, March 14, 2013

Knocking a Few Players Off

Of my need list, of course. At this point in my Orioles autograph collection, I think it registers as a minor miracle (in my warped view of life anyway) anytime that I'm able to scratch another name off of my list. The fact that I've been able to knock two of my needs off in recent weeks is truly remarkable. I now am searching for just 21 upgrades to "complete" my collection, including two players who were included in the 2012 Topps Update set that I'm hoping to have taken care of before the season starts.

I wrote about Luis back in November, and at that time, I had a signed copy of one of his Padres cards in my collection. I have been searching for a signed copy of this Orioles Crown card, the only card that pictures him as an "Oriole" (were there seriously no pictures of him wearing an Orioles uniform?!?). Luckily, I was able to get in on a signing with him on SportsCollectors.Net recently, and was even able to get my card personalized, just how I like it. Although, I can't make out his inscription, and am pretty sure it's in Spanish, which makes this card a very unique member of my collection. 

Ah, Ronny Paulino, who seemed so opposed to signing autographs last season. (He was one of the very few players who have ever shut me down in a one on one situation at the stadium, made even more confusing as all he seemed to be doing was sauntering down the foul line.) And the reports I got from a few friends from AAA Norfolk (where he spent a large chunk of the season) didn't indicate that he possibly ever picked up a pen all season long. When I saw that Topps was including him in the '12 Update set, I wasn't pleased, and doubted that I would ever be able to get one signed. Luckily, one of the graphers who works in the Dominican during the off-season sold off a few of these on ebay and I happily snatched one up. At least it's in my collection now, and he is pictured rocking the orange uni to boot.

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