Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My First In-Person Alexi Casilla Autograph

Every now and then, a random Orioles player will seem to elude my autograph seeking over a period of time. A few years ago, that player was Julio Lugo. Last year, chiefly in Spring Training, it was Alexi Casilla. He was one of the few new Orioles players who did not sign for me last year (admittedly in part because I spent less time overall graphing after my spring trip). My dad did get his autograph for me after I had to fly back north, but I finally got my first in-person signature from him during this years trip to spring training. 

From speaking with other graphers in Sarasota, Alexi doesn't stop to sign very often, so I seem to have lucked out. Unfortunately, I got a bit greedy and handed Alexi two cards, thinking that a back-up infielder competing for a spot on the roster would sign more than one card. But I was wrong, and he signed and personalized this card, which was created by and I had intended to send to my autograph trading buddy, Russell. Sorry Russell, I tried, but the signals got crossed and he personalized your card instead of the Old Man Card that I had handed him.

But I guess that I finally got his autograph, and that's got to count for something!


zman40 said...

Whoops. It is always funny to me when back-up nobodies don't sign.

Orioles Magic said...

Yeah, I've had a few issues like that over the years. Also had the biggest problem with backup catcher Craig Tatum. Why? I have no clue.