Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"To Ryan"

As some of you already know, I prefer my Orioles autographs personalized to me whenever it's possible. Getting autographs can be tough enough and adding the extra personalization request can further complicate things at times. But it lets the players know that I have no intent of flipping the autographs I receive and I really like how it makes the autographs unique to my collection.

Over the years, I've added personalized autographs to my collection in a few different ways.

The two most common have been:

Public Signings/Appearances- especially when there is a small number of attendees and/or you can pay a little extra for personalization. Some of these autographs are probably 15 years old at this point.

Every Orioles fan has an Al Bumbry autograph if they really want one. Dude is always around town.


I was a Pirates fan when I was younger. Drabek later played for the O's, so this card has stuck around.


 I have an abnormally large amount of Rick Krivda autographs, even for me. 
I remember something about a private signings with very few attendees, many years back.


Dave is another guy who lives in the Baltimore area and has appeared around the vicinity for many years.

To the best of my recollection, Tackett is one of very few Orioles to have appeared during his playing days at the mall "card show" in my relatively small hometown of Carlisle, PA. Demand was pretty low for him too.

Sheets is yet another omnipresent former Oriole.

Singleton might have also made the trek to Carlisle, but I can't say for sure.

I got this one done through a signing on 

Probably the method that is responsible for the most personalized autographs in my collection is TTM requests. Players who sign autographs through the mail generally are happy to personalize as well..


I was really happy to come across this oddball Orioles issue of Pete Smith, even happier to see 
that he signs TTM, and happier still when he returned this to me after over 250 days.

Dave charges to sign TTM, but at least he signs.

Kelly was even nice enough to add "Best Wishes"

At just under a year, this one took a long time to get back, but I'm always happy to get those envelopes!

The third most effective way to add personalized autographs is in-person, which is easiest when the players are in the minor leagues. 

As is the case with former Oriole and current AA Bowie Baysox member, Armando Gabino.


Devo is currently a coach with the hi-A Frederick Keys; he was nice enough to personalize earlier this year.


zman40 said...

I recently started a new collection. I now collect cards made out to Zach and are signed by a Zach/Zack/Zac. I tripled my collection on my last road trip. I now have three cards in that collection.

Orioles Magic said...

That's awesome. I will have to keep that in mind for you.