Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wrapping Up Request Week- Don Buford

Sorry for the delay with my final request week post, my birthday was over the weekend and it kept me away for a computer for a few days. The final request came from a blog reader who goes by Reivax, who wanted to hear my take on Don Buford. I've briefly covered Buford two other times, but not in much detail.

Don Buford played with the Orioles from 1968-72 during some of the best years in franchise history. He was the lead-off hitter for most of his time with the O's and still holds the all-time Major League record for the lowest GIDP (ground into double play) rate, averaging only once in every 138 at-bats. That's pretty amazing. He also made the 1971 All-Star team and received MVP votes in three of his five seasons with the O's.

After Don's playing career, he went on to hold various Minor League coaching and managing positions with a few Major League teams, mainly the Orioles. He even spent some time in their front office, talk about versatility!

Maybe the current team should have Don come in and talk to everyone. Outside of the injured Brian Roberts, the O's don't have much in the way of lead-off hitters, so at least he could give advice to a few of the current players filling that roll.

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Ryan H said...

I know that Request Week is officially over but maybe I can sneak in one more. How about Damon Buford?