Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Case of the Sundays- Bobblehead Edition

Yesterday, you saw one of my favorite bobbleheads. Today I present to you my least favorite.

Friggin' Adam Loewen. I just wrote about him last week, so click the link if you missed why I dislike this guy so much. I don't feel like repeating the story, but long story short, he screwed over the Orioles. 

To disrepect Loewen, I've intentionally misaligned the pictures of his bobblehead. That'll show him not to mess with us Orioles fans alright. 

In all fairness, the Baysox gave away this bobblehead back on August 7, 2008 back when Loewen was still in good graces with the O's and their fans. The AA Baysox did a pretty nice job with it and overall, it looks a fair amount like the traitorous Loewen. Hopefully, this will be the last time that I have to utter his name, and I'll make an attempt to not feature him on the blog ever again.


Ryan H said...

Maybe you could give the bobblehead a mustache or color in some if the teeth with a black marker. That's really show him!

Orioles Magic said...

I could even pull the head off and put it on backwards! That's huge bobblehead disrespect!