Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012 Orioles Draft Wrap, with Twitter Info

The 2012 MLB First Year Player Draft wrapped up yesterday after 40 rounds of selections. In past years, the draft went 50 rounds so it felt at least slightly shorter this time around.

I started doing this on Tuesday, so figured that I may as well finish it up today. Here are all forty of the O's draft picks, along with their Twitter handles, if they are members of the site. In my opinion, it's a cool way to see how the players react to being drafted.

1st Round (4th overall) Kevin Gausman 
2nd Round (65) Branden Kline 
3rd Round (99) Adrian Marin 
4th Round (132) Christian Walker 
5th Round (162) Colin Poche 
6th Round (192) Lex Rutledge 
7th Round (222) Matthew Price 
8th Round (252) Torsten Boss @T_Boss07 
9th Round (282) Brady Wager- the streak appears to be broken...
10th Round (312) Joel Hutter  
11th Round (342) Kevin Grendell- nope
12th Round (372) William Waltrip 
13th Round (402) Wade Wass 
14th Round (432) Sean McAdams- not as far as I can tell
15th Round (462) Derick Velzquez- two in a row no-go's

16th Round (492) Luc Rennie 
17th Round (522) Nick Grim 
18th Round (552) Sam Kimmel- nope
19th Round (582) Josh Hader 
20th Round (612) Ryan Ripken @RydinMahPine (Yep, that's Cal's son)
21st Round (642) Julian Service @jservice13
22nd Round (672) Will Howard 
23rd Round (702) Gene Escat- another no
24th Round (732) Tommy Richards 
25th Round (762) Alexander Simpson 
26th Round (792) Lucas Herbst 
27th Round (822) Anthony Caronia- no dice
28th Round (852) Dennis Torres- still no
29th Round (882) Jake Pintar- our first three in a row no's
30th Round (912) Anthony Vega  
31st Round (942) Anthony Bazzani- he's not in on the fun
32nd Round (972) William Russell - neither is "Steel", but he is bench coach John Russell's son
33rd Round (1002) Colton Plaia- another three straight, lame
34th Round (1032) John Sewald 
35th Round (1062) Charles Porter- no
36th Round (1092) Peter Irvin- nope
37th Round (1122) Derrick Bleeker 
38th Round (1152) Jack Graham   He is the O's Minor League Ops Coordinator's son
39th Round (1182) Scott Kalush- not happening
40th Round (1212) Raymond Hunnicutt- not, but he has one of the cooler names of all the draftees

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