Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Orioles 2012 Draft Picks...On Twitter (UPDATED through 15th round)

The 2012 MLB first year player draft began last night and I was very happy with the Orioles' first round pick of  LSU sophomore pitcher, Kevin Gausman. His name had been attached to the Orioles in draft speculation in recent weeks, so it was no surprise that they selected him. From a collector's standpoint, I was pleasantly surprised to see the array of cards that have already been produced of Gausman, mainly due to his involvement with Team USA.

First off, while I have to admit that my college baseball knowledge is woefully lacking, I still enjoy the draft. I tend to follow the players that the Orioles select since I'm a fan of the minor leagues, but I rarely recognize any names after the top ten or so prospects. And since the O's have been in the top ten worst teams in recent seasons, I almost always know a little bit about the players they are considering.

I won't delve into details about the Orioles' draftees since I don't have much personal knowledge to pass along, but there is something interesting that I've seen with the O's picks so far in the 2012 draft; they are all on Twitter. Maybe it something that is more common with the current crop of high school/college players, or maybe it's just something I'm paying more attention to this year, but at least the Orioles' top eight picks are all on Twitter. In past years, I would say that 50% or so might have had a Twitter presence.

Anyway, here are all of the O's draftees, and their Twitter handles, if you are into that kind of thing.

1st Round (4th overall) Kevin Gausman 
2nd Round (65) Branden Kline 
3rd Round (99) Adrian Marin 
4th Round (132) Christian Walker 
5th Round (162) Colin Poche 
6th Round (192) Lex Rutledge 
7th Round (222) Matthew Price 
8th Round (252) Torsten Boss @T_Boss07 
9th Round (282) Brady Wager- the streak appears to be broken...
10th Round (312) Joel Hutter  
11th Round (342) Kevin Grendell- nope
12th Round (372) William Waltrip 
13th Round (402) Wade Wass 
14th Round (432) Sean McAdams- not as far as I can tell
15th Round (462) Derick Velzquez- two in a row no-go's

I might update this tonight and again after the draft for anyone that cares to follow along.

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