Saturday, June 9, 2012

Minor League Rehab Successes

Over the past two weeks, multiple members of the Orioles have been rehabbing with some nearby minor league affiliates. And knowing that this is one of my best chances to get autographs from these guys, you know I ventured out to try my luck. And I didn't come away disappointed. 

The AA Bowie Baysox had three Orioles players on their roster two weeks ago, so I hit up a few games. 

At the first game I attended, I was lucky enough to get B-Rob's autograph. He has been a tough autograph to get in recent years, so counted myself lucky to get him. 

I got the other two O's rehabbers at the second Baysox game I attended,  

and was very happy to upgrade my Mark Reynolds autograph to this personalized card, 

and to get Endy Chavez to sign his 2012 Orioles team set card.

Former Oriole Cesar Devarez is a coach for the Baysox, and while I've gotten his autograph a handful of times over the years, I never asked for a personalization until now.

Terry Crowley is some sort of minor league instructor for the O's this season and he also makes occasional appearances at the minor league games. This time around I lucked out and upgraded my autograph of his as well. When I asked him to personalize "To Ryan" he asked if that was me or my son (I don't have any kids, if you care), and I fessed up and said it was me and that I was a collector. Hey, I know that not too many adults are out there still getting autographs, but there ain't no shame in my game.


flywheels said...

Love that Brian Roberts auto!

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks buddy!