Monday, March 30, 2009

2 more requests

So today I sent two more TTM letters to recent Orioles, Kurt Ainsworth and Kris Benson. Now while I know that Ainsworth didn't have much of a career and is no longer active; I think that Benson is still trying to get back into some team's rotation. I have no idea if he is currently signed with anyone.

My new friend, Lance Burnitz, offered me some advice over the weekend too. I guess the best course of action for current players is to send a request c/o their team as opposed to sending to their home address. For retired players, the home address seems to be the way to go. And he also suggested Sports as a way to find out who signs, who doesn't and meet some other collectors. I will probably check that out when the next paycheck hits!

I'm also really looking forward to a package sent to me by my buddy Rod of Padrographs. I'm excited to see what is coming my way. I hope to find some old school Padres autographs in my stash to send to him to return the favor.

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LanceBurnitz said...

You still need that Horn? email me your address and it will be in the mail this morning. ( I don't need anything in return by the way. Since I am not a dealer of any sort, I love to give away free autos to people that need em more than me