Monday, March 30, 2009

Bring on the B's

Jeff Ballard (87-91)
Somehow I overlooked Jeff in my previous "B" post so I apologize. He had an amazing year for the 89 "why not?" Orioles, getting nearly 50% of his career wins in that single season.

Rick Bauer (01-05)
He was an OK reliever for the O's for a few years, but has never had too much success in the bigs. He was trying to make the 2009 Blue Jays when I saw him pitch this spring, but got cut within the past week.

Jose Bautista (1 of 2 that have played for the O's) (88-91)
I can't say I have much to say about Jose. It looks like he has a pretty sweet hairstyle in the picture? He was a 1987 Rule V pick by the O's from the Mets? I'm clearly struggling for something worthwhile to say here...

Steve Bechler (02) d.03
For a guy that only appeared in 3 games for the Orioles, Steve has a special spot in my heart. I can't say that I remember him pitching for the team, but I do recall what happened in spring training 2003; Steve passed away. His death was ultimately found to be due to the weight-loss supplement Ephedra and he was only 22, leaving behind a wife and young child. His death led to increased scrutiny regarding Ephedra, and eventually caused the drug to be pulled from stores, possibly saving others from Steve's fate. I think that he is the youngest Oriole player to pass away and the only one to die on the playing field. RIP Steve.

Erik Bedard (02, 04-07)
During Erik's time in Baltimore he had a rocky relationship with the media (avoiding them like the plague so the fans never got to know him well) but he was a fairly successful pitcher on the field. I think that he would have had a good shot at the 07 AL Cy Young if he hadn't been hurt for the entire month of September, and as I recall it, he almost led the league in strikeouts anyway.
AND-because of his great 2007, Andy MacPhail was able to fleece the Mariners in one of the greatest Oriole trades ever. Bedard, and his awful 2008, for Adam "CF'er of the future" Jones, George "Peril" Sherrill, Chris Tillman (if you don't know the name yet, you will once he starts piling up the Cy Youngs), Kam Mickolio and Tony Butler.


LanceBurnitz said...

Hey man, maybe Bedard had an off year and will be back? I mean, he was great only two years ago. It can happen.

Orioles Magic said...

It's very possible, I've actually heard some rumors that Bedard was more comfortable here in Baltimore and might want to resign after this season. That would make the trade even crazier! To have all that talent and get Bedard back, sweet. I hope no Mariners fans are readers as I don't want make anybody angry but who in their right mind would have made that trade?

kasliwi said...

Although I'm a die-hard O's fan, I was in no way, shape, or form ever hung up on Bedard. And as a Scott Kazmir fan, I would like to point out that Bedard was close in strike-outs in 2007, bu he was third: 18 behind Kazmir who led with 239.