Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beginning of the B's

Harold Baines (93-95, 97-99, 00)
So with the good news yesterday that he was elected to the O's HOF, it seems fitting that I start posting my "B" autographs today and that HB was leading off (even though he was always more of a middle of the order type hitter). Harold was on the O's during the some of the years that the team was still good, or at least competitive, so I associate him with some good memories. He seemed to always be hitting home runs or hitting in the clutch. I've hoped for years that the O's could find a base-coaching job for him but no luck so far.

Paul Bako (07)
The backup catcher for the 07 season, he was good defensively but not too hot with the stick.
And I don't know how obvious it is to see here, but this is one of those tiny Old Judge cards. I was never a fan of them since they tended to hide amongst my other cards. But I shouldn't hold that against Mr. Bako, he seemed like a good guy.

James Baldwin (05)
Wow, this is an ugly card. There is so much going on that it takes the focus away from the autograph. I think that the creator of Zubaz must have been working for Fleer in the late 90s, but hey, at least all of his information is listed on the front and we're reminded of his name and team twice. Great job Fleer!
Now that I got that out of the way, I do remember getting this signed by James when the White Sox were at Camden Yards sometime in the late 90s. He seemed cool enough, but I think that he was probably disappointed in me for choosing such a nauseating card for him to sign!

Kevin Bass (95)
So I know that I got this card signed at an O's game but I don't remember anything about the experience. Interestingly enough, the Orioles were the last team Baldwin & Bass played for in their careers. And that is quite a mustache in the picture, well done on that Kevin!

Tony Batista (01-03)
What exactly is signed on this card? I think that I have seen a few of his autographs and they all looked like this. Does he have a really long name? Is it an inscription? I have no idea.

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Anonymous said...

I believe Bautista includes some sort of Biblical inscription in Spanish. If he actually plays for the Newark Bears this year, I'll try to ask him what it says.