Saturday, April 17, 2010

Monday's Orioles Alumni Autograph Series

Monday's game marked the return of the Orioles Alumni Autograph series to the MASN tent on Eutaw Street. The signings occur prior to every Monday and Thursday home game throughout the season. The alumni players normally sign from 5:30-6:30 and it's a great way to add some autographs of former O's to your collection. Two of the guys who signed at the tent last season, Mike Cuellar and Curt Motton, have passed away in the past year. Which is a good reminder that life can be short and the end can come unexpectedly, so it's probably a good idea to get these autographs while you still can. I hope that didn't come off as morbid, and I'm certainly not implying that death is around the corner for any of the signers!

Anyway, the three former O's who signed on Monday were Rick Krivda (who signed this orange uni card for me, suh-weet), Paul Blair and Tippy Martinez. Honestly, they were all good players, especially Blair and Tippy, but it was an uninspiring start to the alumni auto season. All of those guys signed last year and have been around at multiple O's events over the years. Selfishly, I have multiple autographs from all three of them and I was hoping for someone new to add to my collection.


unclemoe said...

It's really cool that they do this. Even if it's hard to bring in new guys.


Anonymous said...

Interesting list of wants - many of the deceased did sign and signed well - altho they may not have a BB Card issued - but they did postcards - e.g. Tommy Gastell - died too young - you might find help via my 33 year old newsletter - THE AUTOGRAPH REVIEW - J W Morey - email me for more information -

Orioles Magic said...

Moe-that's very true. And I don't want to sound like I don't appreciate the effort by the O's. I was jsut hoping to scratch someone new off of my list!

JW-Thanks for the information. I will be in touch.

Kirk Jacobson said...

Where do you find a list for the series signers? I have been unable to track down a reliable list. Thanks

Orioles Magic said...

Kirk-I've never found a list but normally it's a similar group of guys that still live locally.