Thursday, October 7, 2010

Under 100

Since I've been focused on my postseason contest over most of the past week, I almost missed the fact that some recent additions have increased my collection so that I now need only 93 autographs to finish it off.  As you can see on the left hand sidebar, I now have 792 autographs from the 887 players who have played for the Orioles.  There are another 48 players who I still need upgrades for, but there are just 93 players who I don't have anything signed of.  I'm pretty amazed that the number has shrunk that far, and while I still feel like I might never actually have an autograph from every single player, I now feel like I might get closer than I ever expected. 

Leo Burke was one of the autographs I purchased that pushed me under the 100 to go mark.  Leo is a funny case with me because I had been trying to add him to my collection for almost two years, and when I finally did, I was able to add two of his autographs within about two weeks.  The other autograph is at the bottom of this here post, and is now up for trade.

Leo played all over the diamond during his seven seasons as a utility player during his Major League career from 1958-59 & 61-65 with the O's, Angels and Cubs.  He played in only 12 games with the Orioles in 1958-59 at the start of his career and went 7-21 with a HR and five RBI.  The Washington Senators selected him in their expansion draft prior to the '60 season, so that ended his time with the O's.  

He lives in nearby Hagerstown, Maryland but has a sketchy track record of signing TTM requests, so I held off on that but luckily was able to add this signed Crown card at a good price.  Here's to the last 93!


zman40 said...

That's awesome! I'm really impressed at the speed you have been acquiring these.

Keep it up!

SAinPA said...

Congratulations on getting this far!
Keep up the good work

Orioles Magic said...

Thanks guys!