Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Playoff Contest Winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, so it will probably become a yearly thing around these parts.

Without further ado,  I present to you the winner of the inaugural Great Orioles Autograph Project Playoff Bracket Pick 'Em Contest:

Brian, of  Play at the Plate fame, pulled off the win based on his tie-breaker selection of the series going 6 games. As a Rangers fan, I'm sure that he would have preferred to have his team actually win the World Series, but I hope that winning my contest is somewhat of a minor consolation prize for him. And since Night Owl only lost based on the tie-breakers, I plan to send him some cards for coming so close.  Based on his post today, I don't think Greg really cared for the result of the World Series either.

Brian-email me so I can get your address and an idea of what I can send you to cheer you up.  Greg-I have some cards put aside for you already that we had emailed back and forth about a couple months ago, so they will finally be heading your way.

Thanks again to everyone who entered!


night owl said...

Picking who I least wanted to win worked out pretty well (as it often does). Thanks!

Play at the Plate said...

That was a great contest Ryan. Thanks!

Orioles Magic said...

Glad you guys enjoyed it (and won).